Michael Schmitt, Innovation Engineer & Marketing Technologist.

Better data, better products, happy customers.

Engineering meets marketing.

Combining the skill sets of two worlds.

Taking advan-
tage of digital technologies

A digital strategy is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities of new technologies. I have more than answers to digital questions. I lead companies from vision to application of new technologies, resulting in stronger digital capabilities. These range from efficient processes to new customer exploration.

Differentiating digital products
and services

Interacting with digital products and technologies is highly effected by a person's emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. I focus on making digital systems work in the way users would expect it. This involves several disciplines, like customer journey analytics, information architecture, content strategy, usability testing or user experience design.

better customer relationships

Applying data-driven marketing is crucial for the distribution of products and services. One of my major skill in supporting brands is the generation of insights from data related to customers. I apply different techniques to build better customer relationships and to increase revenues bit by bit. These include personalization, segmentation or behavioral targeting.

the marketing return on invest

The main benefit of using marketing technologies is the automation of repetitive tasks. Increasing marketing effectiveness on multiple channels, I apply technologies to automate customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management. I use different automation strategies and technologies to plan, coordinate, manage and measure marketing activities.

Bridging the worlds between technology and marketing by understanding different fields of expertise. I combine insights and methods in new ways that add business value. Whether this is by analyzing and seeing new business opportunities or by building technological solutions for marketing purposes. I cover the following technological, analytical and strategical product and marketing topics.

  • Personalization campaigns


  • Technology architecture


  • Marketing automation


  • Behavioral targeting


  • Performance measurement


  • Growth hacking


  • Conversion optimization


  • Data mining


  • Digital analytics


  • Inbound marketing


  • Customer journey design

    journey design

  • Product development


  • UX design


  • Digital ecosystems


  • Content strategy


  • Technology consulting


  • Digital strategy


  • Business development

    New business

Building digital brands with data insights.

Projects. Products. Activities.




Gravitales is a creative studio, that develops and implements innovative concepts, highly effective media campaigns and digital products for corporate and personal brands. The basis of the work of Gravitales is the combination of ingenious ideas and smart data.




Echogramm is the social news app for marketers, digital innovators and business model developers. The app aggregates and curates the best and most important German content, latest news and digital trends. All in one place.

Attention! Magazinmore_vert

Attention! Magazin

Attention! Magazinclose

Attention! is the mobile magazine on the future of communication. The magazine deals with current trends, concepts and cases from marketing, entertainment, journalism and research. Together with guest authors, we analyze and discuss media formats, data-driven marketing, new technologies, user experience and storytelling.




Talesbot.io is your digital assistant for planning, creating and analyzing high-quality content. Using artificial intelligence and modern marketing technologies TalesBot.io increases the quality of your content and halves the time for the content creation process.

mii ventures GmbHmore_vert


mii ventures GmbHclose

mii.ventures is a technology incubator and consulting agency for new digital business. The company provides the infrastructure for the development of my own projects and at the same time it is the starting point for clients projects.

More than 6 years experience working on innovation projects.

Hi, I'm Michael, Innovation Engineer & Marketing Technologist.

I'm a visionary, creative and communicative entrepreneurial mind with a technical background, analytical thinking and strong affinity towards design. With more than six years experience in innovation projects, I have advanced expertise in developing innovative products and embeding them into digital business models. As founder and CEO of mii.ventures I have firsthand startup knowledge. Besides my passion for new technologies, I work effectively as team member, team leader and independently.

My academic education began in engineering. I hold a German "Engineer Diploma" (equivalent to Master of Science) from University of Applied Würzburg-Schweinfurt since 2012. In 2015, I've completed my Masters Degree in Management & Innovation from Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation, Berlin.

You can find more information about me on Linkedin or write me a message. I'd love to connect with you.

I have worked with awesome people and in challenging projects.

What others say about me.

Michael has not only supported us in setting up and designing our online shop, but he is also an important partner for the development of our digital brand.
Süheda TürediSüheda Türedi, Founder & Designer
Fast, technology driven, analytical. Nevertheless, Michael has always a look for the big picture. He is a partner who delivers.
Marc SüßMarc Süß, Creative Director & Storyteller
The professionalism and personalized service that we got from Michael and mii.ventures made us feel very comfortable. Their data and technology-driven approach was incredibly valuable for our campaign. Thank you!
Eliane MoraisEliane Morais, Marketing Director
Grupo Ergone
The seminar "Content marketing as a strategy of corporate communication" with Michael Schmitt was a great success. We were very happy about many participants and positive feedback.
Rosaline BaunachRosi Baunach, Knowledge & Technology Transfer
SFT Würzburg

For more clients and case studies visit gravitales.com and mii.ventures.

A passion for sharing knowledge.

Workshops. Seminars. Keynotes.

Talking about digital innovations, data-driven marketing and new digital technologies is crucial and a lot of fun. From my experience, many organizations suffer from misunderstandings and misconceptions about data and digital technologies. I can fix that: You can hire me to run workshops or for a speaking engagement.

Here are some ideas, topics and workshops I have recently hosted: 'The power of data: data-driven marketing in practice', 'Digital technologies: the ever-evolving ecosystem', 'Innovation 101: Developing digital business models', 'The potentials of artificial intelligence in content marketing', 'Chat interfaces: enabling intelligent applications'.

The "Power of Data" in PechaKucha style, 20 Slides, 20 seconds per slide (German only)

Better data, better products, happy customers.

News, insights & latest updates.

  • Third 'Echogramm' is online.

    This Echogramm is about chatbots and different marketing research studies.

  • TALESBOT is now in an alpha stadium.

    Our digital assistant for writing faster and better content reached alpha stadium.

    Apply now07/06/2017
  • Second 'Echogramm' published.

    I published the second weekly summary of marketing and innovation news called 'Echogramm' with a focus on new interfaces like chatbots, augmented and virtual reality.

  • We published the second part of our content strategy podcast.

    In the second part of our content strategy podcast, we discussed content formats, distribution channels and how to develop an editorial plan.

    Tune in!30/05/2017
  • Wrote the first Echogramm.

    An 'Echogramm' is a weekly summary of the latest marketing and innovation trends, news and updates based on the social news app 'Echogramm'

  • GrowthMarketer.de becomes Echogramm.

    We intergrated GrowthMarketer.de into the "Attention!" ecosystem and rebranded the app to Echogramm.

  • Second episode of the Attention! podcast is live.

    We created the second episode which focuses on how to develop a content strategy in six steps.

  • Smart Content Marketing: How to create engaging content with user data.

    Together with Sascha Tobias von Hirschfeld, I wrote an article for zielbar.de on how to use data for better content marketing.

  • Attention! Podcast is live.

    We launched our first episode of the Attention! Podcast. In this episode, I discussed the attention economy with Marc, the co-editor of the Attention! magazine.

  • Seminar 'Establishing marketing channels'.

    I held the seminar "Establishing marketing channels: with the right content strategy to success" during the Würzburger Wirtschaftstage at IGZ, Würzburg.

    Find out more23/03/2017
  • Marketing technology trends: what you should really do.

    Wrote an article for Attention! in which I outline the bigger picture of current marketing technology trends.

  • The rise of robots in content marketing.

    Speaking engagement on the rise artificial intelligence in content marketing at Quadriga Hochschule Berlin.

  • Seminar 'Digital Innovation'

    I trained more then 20 professionals of companies from the Mainfranken area with different backgrounds on innovation, digital disruption, user experience and the development of digital business models at SFT, University Würzburg.

  • Guide for data driven brand management.

    Wrote the guide 'Data driven brand management: a guide from data analysis to brand monitoring' for Attention!

  • 12 demand tests to gradually improve brand communication.

    Wrote an article for Attention! about how to use demand tests to enhance brand communication and increase conversion rates.

  • New design for GrowthMarketer.de implemented.

    Improving the user experience of GrowthMarketer.de, we implemented a new app design.

  • How to improve user experience with low website traffic.

    Wrote the first article for Attention! about how to improve UX when you have low website traffic.

  • Launch of 'Attention!'.

    Today we launched the mobile magazine on the future of the communication of brands, media and machines.

  • The rise of robots in content marketing.

    Speaking engagement on the rise artificial intelligence in content marketing at SDI Munich.

  • Start of Gravitales.

    Started the cooperation project Gravitales with Marc T. Süß to combine ingenious ideas and smart data for better marketing stories.

  • GrowthMarketer.de alpha released.

    Initial release of GrowthMarketer.de - a German social news app for marketers, digital innovators and business model developers.

  • Discovering revenue potentials for spielzeugkästchen.de.

    Setting up, analyzing and evaluating the web analytics system Google Analytics for German toy shop spielzeugkaestchen.de.

  • incrowdasset.com in closed beta phase.

    Successfully accompanied incrowdassets.com - a market place for real asset investments - from idea to launch of closed beta.

  • Content marketing as strategy of corporate communication.

    Received great resonance for the seminar 'content marketing' at the Service Center of Knowledge & Technology Transfer at the University of Würzburg.

  • Shop optimization program for sues.love.

    Successfully conducted a 3-month shop optimization program for suesmadewithlove.com - an online shop for personalized fashion accessories - which resulted in a 95% conversion uplift.

  • Speaking engagement: 'The power of data.'

    Talked about the 'power of data' in marketing at the startup meetup 'Gründerstammtisch' in Würzburg.

    Get the slides12/10/2015
  • Launch of the technology incubator mii.ventures.

    With a team of developers, designers, storytellers, data scienctists and marketeers, I have started to develop digital products and services as well as to support start-ups and established companies in transforming their business model.

  • eBook: How to discover disruptive innovation in 5 steps.

    How can you evaluate emerging technologies? The eBook (German only) gives an overview of the word innovation respectively disruptive innovation. Besides, you learn how to use public data and trend analysis to discover and evaluate the potential of emerging technologies in five steps on the example of 3D Printing.

  • Start of EXIST start-up program.

    I successfully applied and started the EXIST business start-up program, which supports graduates and scientists in preparing innovative technology and knowledge based start-up projects.

  • Last day as project manager at SKZ, Würzburg.

    After almost three years of developing and leading innovation projects, a successful time with highlights, like winning the REHAU award for technology and a patent application came to an end.


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